About Us

The Vet Channel is your waiting room system. We have designed this ‘on line’ library of video content to help you engage, educate and entertain your waiting clients.

To get the best out of the system, it is important that the playlist you create is regularly updated to make sure that is it fresh, topical and seasonally appropriate.

We recommend that your playlist is around 40 minutes long, it will also include the ‘National’ or ‘Locked in’ playlist component, provided centrally by your Vet Group Support team

Our service offers you the ideal opportunity to inform your clients about national and local campaigns, clinics within your surgery, products that you sell and educate them about common pet healthcare issues such as:

Worm & flea treatment
Fly strike
Kennel cough
and so much more ... 

To find out how to get the most out of your service, please telephone our team on 0114 399 0001 or email info@thevetchannel.co.uk We’d love to hear from you!